Let's join presenter Alysia as she embarks on her Ring Fit Adventure for the first time

Ring Fit Adventure is a little different from your average video game, blending fitness with fun. To find out just how that works, we're going to follow Alysia Judge, who's starting out with Ring Fit Adventure for the first time. 

Alysia's going to see how Ring Fit Adventure can fit into her busy schedule to offer her flexible workout sessions, but first, she's got to get it out of the box. 

She's pleasantly surprised by just how easy it is to set up Ring Fit Adventure, and the quality of the Ring-Con itself - complete with impressive resistance. Combined with the intuitiveness of using the Ring-Con to control the game's menus, it's not long before she's onto the first level. 

Ring Fit Adventure blends on-the-spot running for movement with using the Ring-Con to interact with the world as you run. You'll have to leap over fallen trees, climb hills, blast open doors, and collect ingredients for smoothie-making as you run. And, as Alysia will soon find out, battle enemies too. This game really does put the adventure in Ring Fit adventure.  

That's it for Alysia's early dabbling with Ring Fit Adventure, so don't forget to join her next time as she meets the mighty Dragaux for the first time.