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Kameo: Elements of Power Cheats

Kameo's a great way to kick the tires on your new system and the best way to show off the 360's visual chops. Plus you get to play as a pile of rocks.

Kameo: Elements of Power FAQs

Kameo: Elements of Power Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Mickey D

    High Scores

    For each of the six battle areas, as well as your total score, you can unlock a series of bonus items and cheats by getting high scores. Aside from the costumes mentioned above, getting these scores is the only way to get each of these unlockables. Read below for the requirements.

    Thorn's Castle
    100,000: Alternate Costume - Kameo
    500,000: Making Backgrounds Video
    1,000,000: Troll Song
    1,500,000: Concept Video
    2,000,000: Test Cutscene
    2,500,000: Cheats Set #1 (Big Head)

    Forgotten Forest
    200,000: Animation Video
    400,000: Alternate Costume - Pummel Weed
    800,000: Wotnot Book Video
    1,200,000: Alternate Costume - Rubble
    1,600,000: Cutscene Player
    2,000,000: Cheats Set #2 (Visual Effects)

    Water Temple
    500,000: Alternate Costume - Kameo
    1,000,000: Alternate Costume - Ash
    1,500,000: Cutscene Videos
    2,000,000: Alternate Costume - Major Ruin
    2,500,000: Boss Fights
    3,000,000: Cheat Set #3 (Hard difficulty)
    Snow Temple
    500,000: Evolution of the Characters Video
    1,000,000: Alternate Costume - Deep Blue
    1,500,000: Music Player
    2,000,000: Alternate Costume - Chilla
    2,500,000: Character Model Video
    3,000,000: Cheat Set #4

    Thorn's Pass
    2,500,000: Alternate Costume - Kameo
    3,000,000: Deleted Moves Movie
    3,500,000: Evolution Videos
    4,000,000: Alternate Costume - Flex
    4,500,000: Animatic Videos
    5,000,000: Cheat Set #5

    Thorn's Airship
    500,000: Early Footage Video
    1,000,000: Deleted Scenes Videos
    1,500,000: Alternate Costume - 40 Below
    2,000,000: Airship Concept Video
    2,500,000: End Concept Video
    3,000,000: Cheat Set #6

    General Game Score
    9,000,000: Concept Art Set 1
    12,000,000: Conecept Art Set 2
    15,000,000: Alternate Costume - Snare
    18,000,000: Animatic Videos 2
    21,000,000: Deleted Cutscenes Video
    24,000,000: Alternate Costume - Thermite

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by just_hayden



    Found Major Ruin 20G
    Free Halis 100G
    Found Ash 20G
    Found Rubble 20G
    Found Pummel Weed 20G
    Freed Lenya 100G
    Freed Yeros 100G
    Thorn's Castle ranking 50G
    Forgotten Forest ranking 50G
    Water Temple ranking 50G
    Snow Temple ranking 50G
    Thorn's pass raking 50G
    Thorn's airship raking 50G
    Beaten Queen Thyra 10G
    Beaten Old Manwood 10G
    Beaten Corallis 10G
    Beaten Lord Dork 10G
    Beaten Thorn 10G
    Game Complete 50G

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by TOM LLOYD

    Flex's alternate costume

    It is found in the Snow Top Village shop.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by TOM LLOYD

    Rubble's alternate costume

    It is found in the Forgotten forest glade shop.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by TOM LLOYD

    Major Ruin's alternate costume

    It is found in the Snow Top Village shop.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Daniel Harkness

    Extra Costumes!


    Each Form Of Kameo has extra costumes to get these-

    ASH= get Ash and go to the portal room in the area you start (not the castle) set fire to the toches behind a gate that should open there will be a green dragon run into it and you will receive an alternatie suit for Ash, go in your book and click Alternitive Costrume and Ash will change to a godzilla like state!

    PUMMEL WEED= Get Pummel Weed and go to the placeyou start in that area's shop a alternative costume for pummel weed is avalible for 50 gold and makes it look Yellowish!

    ROCK THROWER= Get the Rock Thrower and go to the shop in the place with the plant peaple, there will be an alternative costume for Rock Thrower for 100 gold and this changes him to a lighter borwn and replace his rocks with Skulls!

    STCIKY= I dont know the name of this one but you aquire him in the snow area (not 40 below) after you get him go to the shop in the area and buy his alrenate costume for 250 gold - 500 gold! This make him look yellow.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by TOM LLOYD

    40 Below's alternate costume

    On your way to snow top village you will come across two huts. Keep going right of these huts until you find a third one. inside is a wardrobe. In the wardrobe is 40 Belows alternate costume.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by TOM LLOYD

    Major Ruin's alternate costume

    It is found in the Mountain Falls shop.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by TOM LLOYD

    Chilla's alternate skin

    In the ancient tower at the very top should be chilla's alternate costume.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by TOM LLOYD

    Snare's alternate costume

    Go to the badlands. Head towards the circle in the map near the tree symbol. At the far end of the circlr is two huts. In one of them is a wardrobe. In the wardrobe is Snare's alternate costume.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Mickey D

    Eye of Strength

    Go to the chamber of Living Portraits in the center of the Enchanted Kingdom's Palace. There you will see a statue of Thorn, who is holding an orb with a hole in the middle. Within that hole is the Eye of Strength. Morph into Thermite, and approach the statue. Aim a bomb shot so that a bomb will either hit the orb, or go into the hole where the Eye is. The statue will explode and the eye will drop to the floor, simply move to the pedestal to pick it up.

Kameo: Elements of Power Hints

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by kev8992

    Health Hint

    If your running a little low on health here's what you do - if you have ash turn into him then use the inferno attack. When the tornado of fire emerges stay inside of it - do this 2-3 times and your health and your spirit energy will be refilled.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by The cheat finder

    The Lost Ruins

    Another way to make money is to go to the hut near the cliff near the Forgotten Forest glade. Go inside the hut and there will be a bunch of chairs and tables - smash them and there will be a tunnel - in it you will find the lost ruins. The warrior trainer is in the middle, talk to him and you will earn 100 coins each time you beat his challenge.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by TOM LLOYD

    Deep Blue's alternate costume

    First assign Deep Blue, Major Ruin and Pummel Weed. Next you must head towards mountain falls' portal. Then go up the slope towards a boomroot plant (BOMB) and use Major Ruin to knock the boomroot plant to the boulders near it. Eventually it should explode. If you dont have the patience to wait then just light it with ash. You should find a new cave. Go in it and head left. At the end of the tunnel look left. You should see a ramp. Go up it with Major Ruin. Kill the water troll and then look for another ramp. Go up it. Keep going left and you should see a room with a wall. Next to the wall is another ramp to the other side. Go up it. On the opposite side in the next room is another ramp. Go up it. In the room you are now in you should now see some bunched up chests. Destroy them and you should see a small passage. Use Pummel Weed's creeper to get through it. In the room you are now in should be a pool. Use Deep Blue to swim to the bottom. Down there should be a small passage. Go through it with Deep Blue and then surface. Behind where you surfaced, on land, should be Deep Blue's alternate costume!

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by TOM LLOYD

    Ash's alternate costume

    In the Dungeon of eternal life is dragon-shaped torches. Light them with ash and that should open a door. In one door is Ash's alternate skin.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by TOM LLOYD

    Pummelweed's alternate costume

    It is found in the Enchanted Kingdom shop.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by TOM LLOYD

    Thermites alternate costume

    Once you have freed Thermite from the Shadow Monster go into the Forgotten Forest Glade and approach the house with a giant stone blocking the doorway. Use Thermite's mortar technique to destroy the boulder. Enter the house and open the wardrobe and you will find the alternate skin.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Hunter

    Defeat Thorn


    When defeating thorn in the last level you are supposed to use the different elemental warriors unitedly but they forgot about the one attack that works on everyone - wrecker. So simply go onto 40 below, it helps if his spirit bar is on maximum, go onto snowball wrecker and just move around hitting intro Thorn. When you run out of energy spin in a circle until he gets it back and then continue. Don't stop either when Kalis starts summoning trolls because it works on everything . Finally when Kallis starts floating when Thorn is on minimum health just shoot her with Chiller's ice 10 times. This also gets you loads of battle points

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Pinkpopcorn6633

    Easy Money

    Go to the Snowtop Village and go under the waterfall. Then go all the way to the end of the path and you will see a door and an ice cube. Collect the money from the ice cube then go in through the door. Then just go back through the door and keep melting the ice cube. Repeat.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by gamesgod#1

    Elemental Fruit

    Here's a few elemental fruits from the Enchanted Kingdom. Some are Super Fruit which is 3 elemental fruit in one.

    Fruit#1: Once you get Deep Blue, go near the Mystic's Hut and you'll see 5 wilted flowers. Water them until they are big. The guy will give you a fruit if you make them all big.

    Fruit#2 and #3: Go to the shop and buy them both.

    Fruit #4: In front of the shop are clams on the beach. Use Pummel Weed to flip them over and find one. There's also an Crystal Eye.

    Fruit#5: Go to Tycoon's House and answer his questions.

    Fruit#6: Go to the Chamber of Living Portraits and look to the left of the Magic Mirror. Break the vase with Major Ruin or Thermite and it'll come out.

    Fruit#7: Go to the Dungeon of Eternal Life and use Ash's fireballs to open the gate at the end. The keeper will give you a Super Fruit.

    Fruit#8: In the room where you opened turn right and open the door the same way. In the room with the alternate costume, use Chilla's spear to bring down the couldron to the left of the door and it'll come down.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Mickey D

    Acquiring Elemental Sprites

    40 Below - Defeat the shadow troll in the ice cave.
    Ash - Rescue Halis.
    Chilla - Rescue Lenya.
    Deep Blue - Defeat the Shadow Troll in Water Cave.
    Flex - Defeat the shadow troll in Sulfer Cave.
    Major Ruin - Defeat the Shadow Troll in Lobster Hollow.
    Pummel Weed - Defeat the Shadow Troll in the Enchanted Kingdom.
    Rubble - Defeat the Shadow Troll in the Forgotten Forest.
    Snare - Rescue Yeros Thermite Shadow Troll at Ogre Swamp

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Mickey D

    Acquiring Crystal Eyes

    Eye of Defense - In the Hall of mirrors, use thermite's Mortar ability to blow up the statue in the middle.
    Eye of Protection - Increases Kameo's Defense; Decreases Kameo's Attack Near the top of the ancient tower.
    Eye of Restoration - as Kameo, restores health Under a shell in the enchanted Kingdom
    Eye of Spirit - (hidden in a hallway behind a sheet) Past the portal to the mainland, there is a big door that needs lit dragon heads to open, flame them and go thru another door like it