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Indigo Prophecy Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by Joo

    Endings SPOILER!

    So far there are 3 endings I have found. The first involves winning both boss battles to get the happy ending. The next involves losing to the Purple clan Green Ai thing to get the unhappy ending. The last is losing to the Oracle to get the neutral ending. The boss battles occur in different orders depending on whether or not you have the little girl.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Suicide Childe

    Leave No Evidence

    After you watch the murder take place, you finally take control of Lucas. In order to not have the police link you to the murder, you must clear all the evidence linking you. These are the things you have to take care of before the police officer starts for the restroom. First, move to the body until an option appears (this will move the body into the stall). Next, move to the mop until the option appears and mop up the blood. Put the mop back and go to the knife. You'll see it on the floor near the urinal while mopping up. You'll automatically get rid of it. Next wash up at the sink. The left one is out of order so use the right. Exit the rest room. Do not run or talk to anyone while in the main area of the diner as it will draw unwanted attention. Next, walk to your table. Second from the end and click on the recipt. Pay for your meal. Do NOT go to the payphone and use it. Phone records can be gathered from there. Now, exit calmly from the diner. Now is your escape. Don't use the taxi as they'll look for all cabs used in the area of the diner. Move down the street until you're out of there. This will leave no evidence to link you to the scene of the crime.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Colin

    Find Useable Shotgun

    What you do to get a USEABLE shot gun Which means you can use it and kill randoms on the street if you really feel like it :P. When your remembering your past on the milatary base when you have to save your brothes friends from the burning building you go to the Far right bunker in the sector that has the burning bunker in it go around the far right bunker and there will be a small hole with leaves on it near the entrance. Hold X and A and walk towards the hole untill you morph into the building once inside take the elevator down to the basement floor. Go to the Janitor closet which you can find on the map near the elevator door. Once in the Janitor Closet you will see a small box open this box and a key will fall down pick it up and leave this building. Now go to the Bunker thats closest to your house find the hole on the back side and once again hold X and A and walk in. Once in you will see a shotgun in a LOCKED case. Go use the key on the case and you will get 50 Bonus Points AND a shotgun to use throughout the game.
    NOTE: You will find the shotgun inside your laundry room at your house untill the cops come and search it. After this you will always have the shotgun on you so if you dont like holding bulky shotguns everywhere then do not do this.
    NOTE: Once you finish the game restart a new one and you will start with the shotgun and there is no way to get rid of it the shotgun is in auto aim Hold L to target and R to shoot and there may be a few more options that i have not discovered yet .... Hope you enjoy!

  • Xbox | Submitted by indigo player Kev

    Tiffany's Apartment Search

    The level when you break into Tiffany's apartment, as Lucas, you must hide from the cops. The best hiding spot is the curtains by the window, it is almost guarenteed that you will get caught anywhere else you hide, but here.

Indigo Prophecy Unlockables

  • Xbox | Submitted by RandomHero

    All Mini Games

    While you are playing through story mode, collect all the floating cards with roman numerals on them. Later on you can use them to unlock movies, songs, and some mini-games that weren't even in the story mode!

  • Xbox | Submitted by dragonzhead

    Unlock Extra Scenes

    Once you have completed the story mode, you have access to extra sequences under bonus on the menu. They include a skate contest between Tyler and Carla and a humorous dance scene with all the characters.

Indigo Prophecy Easter Eggs

  • Xbox | Submitted by rex duncan

    Sox The Robot

    Early in the game when you wake up as Tyler there is a desk in the bedroom with an action figure on it that when checked he says "This is a figurine of Sox, a character from my favorite videogame." Sox is a robot from another great Quantic Dream game, Omikron The Nomad Soul.

Indigo Prophecy Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Robert

    All Levels Code

    Enter J8OL14FD as a case-sensitive name to unlock all levels and sequences.

Indigo Prophecy Glitches

  • Xbox | Submitted by creeo

    Unlimited Bonus Points Glitch

    More of a glitch than anything else, after completing the game go to the bonus menu. Go to chapters and get to the credits again, each time you let the credits completely finish you'll be awarded 200 bonus points.