Half-Life 2 console bound

Doug Lombardi, of Half-Life 2 developers Valve, has given the strongest hint yet that the game may eventually appear on a range of consoles. In an interview yesterday he confirmed that an Xbox version is "is in the works but I can't give you an exact date right now."

More pertinently, though, he added, "We're in touch with all the console platform holders and would like to bring the game to as many platforms as makes sense." If the massively-delayed release of the PC version is anything to go by, though, don't hold your breath for the console incarnations.

Lombardi also mentioned that "we have more stories we'd like to tell in the HL2 universe" which suggests that Valve already have plans for Half-Life 2 expansion packs.

All of which is academic, of course, until the PC game - which will be released at retail and via Valve's Steam download service simultaneously - actually sees the light of day. The latest on that, according to Valve boss Gabe Newell, is that they are planning to finish work on the game in August, which could mean an autumn release date.