GT5 Prologue looks better than real life

Polyphonyhas lifted the garage door on a load of new Gran Turismo 5 Prologue screensand a new trailer too. Check out the trailer below then head up to theimages tabto see the new screens.

There is a lot of pre-race business to study, with a look at pit crews and the like, and the in-car view also gets a bit more screen-time. The new screenshots also include some images from the new GT TV feature, which lets you watch episodes of car shows from TV. Just for a moment we thought the images might be from replay modes, and started thinking reality had finally be simulated to the point you can't tell the difference. But not quite yet - it really is TV footage.

Having said that, the in-game screens definitely look 'better' than the video grabs. So there you have it - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue officially looks better than real life. Enjoy the trailer...

Above: Relax, this screenshot isn't of game graphics. But it is from the game - the GT TV mode, in fact

Justin Towell

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