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    Submitted by Rich Barrette

Gex Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Level Select

    To acces a Stage Select and an Access All Areas cheat, pres and hold R1 then enter the Item Menu screen and enter the following while still holding R1: -Stage Select In the dome press: x s x RIGHT UP LEFT o o DOWN DOWN -Access All Areas On any stage press:s START RIGHT UP s LEFT LEFT UP START - Full Power For the following codes, PAUSE the game and hold R1 while entering these sequences: 99 LIVES: UP o t DOWN RIGHT s DOWN ELECTRIC SPIT: RIGHT LEFT RIGHT o t RIGHT o DOWN RIGHT COLD BREATH: o o LEFT DOWN o UP RIGHT- FLAME BREATH: x UP RIGHT UP RIGHT RIGHT INVINCIBILITY: x s DOWN DOWN UP DOWN RIGHT SUPER JUMP: x o UP UP DOWN RIGHT RIGHT - Level Select: Cemetery 2 - SVZFKHGP : Cemetery 3 - BXRFYHGP Cemetery 4 - ZVTCYHGP : Jungle 1 - KXVKRHKP : Jungle 2 - CVHCSHKP Jungle 3 - SVKLPHKP : Jungle 4 - CVBLPHKP : Toonville 1 - RVTCSHGP Toonville 2 - XVVBRHKP : Kung Fu 1 - YTCHPHKP : Kung Fu 2 - ZTDHPHKP Kung Fu 3 - DXVGRHKP : Rezopolis - GYVYRHKP : Rezopolis - PZYPRXYL

    *t=triangle* *s=square*

  • PC | Submitted by matthias

    Level Codes

    ** The following are level codes.
    SVZFKHGP: cemetery 1.
    BXRFYHGP: cemetery 2.
    KXVKRHKP: jungle isle 1.
    SVKLPHKP: jungle isle 2.
    CVBLPHKP: jungle isle 3.
    ZVTCYHGP: new toonland 1.
    CVHCSHKP: new toonland 2.
    RVTCSHGP: new toonland 3.
    CVBLPHKP: new toonland 4.
    YTCHPHKP: kung fuville 1.
    ZTDHPHKP: kung fuville 2.
    DXVGRHKP: kung fuville 3.
    GYVYRHKP: rezopolis 1

  • PC | Submitted by matthias

    Every Level {even planet X}

    every level- PZYPRXYL