Genma Onimusha Cheats

Genma Onimusha Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Dylan

    The Bishamon Sword

    To gain the legendary Bishamon Sword, beat the Dark Realm(in the well I think) to get the Bishamon Ocarina. Go to the Evil Plate room in the "Keep" and after defeating Marcellus and the other monsters, you should see a gate made of bones. Use the Ocarina, and go into the room when the gate opens. Press up-left on the D-pad and the sword will come into your weapons arsenal.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Tyler

    How to beat the creepy doll

    In order to beat the doll you need all three of your weapons up to level 3 and 5 green souls. Now the next time you encounter her/it, take out the the thunder sword or whatever its called and then right away turn invincible and charge it up ALL the way and let her have it, but don't worry this won't kill her. Then take out the red sword with the fire attack and just keep using the magic attack don't charge it up unless you like being killed. Once all the magic the used up take out the sword with the wind attack and do what did before (if you want to charge it up get some distance form her) and she should die, if not then you simply screem, swear and throw you controller on the floor.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Start game with unlimited ammo 99 soul absorbers and bishomon sword

    Beat the game on any difficulty and gat a ranking of B or higher.When you get Oni Spirits beat all Twelve levels and u will get the code right.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Difficulty Mode

    Beat the game in under 3 hours to get difficulty mode

  • Xbox | Submitted by Vincent Vaccaro

    How to get the great arrow

    OK, here is how to get the Great Arrow. First you must be Kaide to get it. By now Kaide should have the sacred knife. To get the great arrow, the game will automaticly send Kaide, and you, to the gate that you unlocked with the decorated sword. Bugs will begin attacking you. Defeat the bugs and go through the first locked door on your left. The door you unlocked before with the fully enhanced green sword is now locked. After defeating the bugs, unlock the door strait infront of you. From there defeat a couple of bugs and demons. Go to the broken bridge after that and unlock the door in the room that follows the bridge. From there, you should find a hallway. Instead of going into the room infront of you, go to the room to the left of you. Go up the stairs and to your right and there you should find a trick treasure box. Open it and you get the Decorated Arrow. After that, go back down the steps and into the room I told you not to go into. Go past the s!
    tatue and to your right, there you will find a pedestal containing the Great Arrow! Take the Great Arrow off. After that the door you came in through will be locked (and you can't use the Shinobi Kit.). After the door locks place the Decorated sword on the pedestal. This will unlock the door and the treasure chest in the same room that you are in. In side the treasure chest you'll find the Green Key that you'll use to unlock the door that leads to a boat that will take you to Samenoske.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Satan1243

    Ultimate Mode

    Successfully beat the twelve stages of the Oni Spirit mini game. Start a new game and you will have the Bishamon Sword, infinite supply of magic,99 soul absorbers, infinite bullets and burst bullets for Matchlock, and infinite arrows and fire arrows for the bow.

  • Xbox | Submitted by coollouie69

    Quick way to beat the Two towers

    To beat the two towers easily all you have to do is get all weapons to lvl 3 if you have bow and arrow level up all arrows and if you have the gun level up all bullets then get the metal armor be equiped with green souls after that your ready this is the tricky part now go and start fighting you will see chests in random stages open the chest and there will be a herb now go back up and lvl up that herb to a medicine and keep doing that till you have enough. You will need to have quick hands for the two towers. and if you don't know where the towers are i'll tell you you have to talk to this man on a rope (there is 2) one is in the well where you got the rope ladder, and the other is in the building where you meat the doll he is where you enter that building and to the top left corner their is a save point through this door if you go farhter through the room with the save point and push a a man will pop up you talk to him if he says nothing than you have to keep pla!
    yingyou get to do this right about when your getting ready to enter the dark realm or after you beat that giant wasp. Hope that helps you.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Oni Spirit Mini Game

    Collect 20 or more Flourites to unlock the Oni Spirit Mini Game.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Satan1243

    Ultimate Mode on Hard

    Beat the Game on hard with any rank except for "S".

  • Xbox | Submitted by Yumeamaru

    How to Activate Samanosuke's Second Costume's Secret Power

    (You need to of have unlocked samanosukes 2nd costume) Do you wonder what the petite panda can be used for/or how to use it. ok, its SIMPLE all you have to do is push the Back button. till little panda can be really helpful. it seeks out unseen items and treasure chests

  • Xbox | Submitted by Carlos Hanna

    Beat the Dark Realm (the easy way)

    OK to beat the Dark Realm without much hassle you first hace to go to where you first see the cocoon man in the well. There he will tell you how much you will prosper if you win. (This is the easy dark realm but there are three long levels of it!) Beat that and get the Ocara. After battling you will have enough energy to go on. Next go to the first checkpoint in the castle and go to the dark realm there. There it after beating the one in the well they should take it a little easier on you. In this one the cocoon man will sound all paranoid. But you have to get close to the back wall in order for him to "fall down." You must see the cocoon man more than once in order to go to the dark realm.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easy mode

    Start a new game and die 5x then exit and start a new game then you could choose easy mode

  • Xbox | Submitted by Game Master

    Beat Hecuba (Bug Lady) with extreme ease

    First, you must have the Matchlock rifle which is found behind a huge waterfall in a trick box. The combination is: Lower Right, Lower Left, Upper Right, Lower Right, and Upper Left. Now you have an extremely powerful weapon that can kill most enemies in one or two shots! Now, if you have been collecting bullets you should have around 20-30. All you do is at the beginning of the fight use a Soul Absorber, then use a sword on the 3 small bugs, after you dispense of them bring out the Matchlock and let her have it! It should take around 10-15 shots to kill her (If you run out of bullets then get out the wind sword, do a magic spell near her and she will drop down lower so you can get her with you other swords). Good Luck!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Brian

    Evil Sword

    In the well, where the guy hangs upside down you go to the Dark Realm and if you beat 20 levels which is the last level you open the chest and you'll get the Evil Sword.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kyle M.

    Beating the Demon King

    First make sure that all of your swords are at the max with there magic all the way up. get the five green souls and have at least one talisman. Fist take out your fire orb and charge it all the way to level 3 attack if his head isn't down hit his tail a few times. attack the head. Keep doing the same thing on the other three swords and when you see a white sole use the green soles and get them repeat this and for sure you will win.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Satan1243

    Get the Ogre Armor

    In order to get the ogre armor, the best looking and best armor in the game, you have to beat the Dark realm that is in the keep and has 10 lvls. If you beat it then you'll get the secret key now you go to where you got the decorated sword and press a on the huge door. you will get to a tower. Beat the six levels and then go to the main floor again. "talk" to the glowing statue and deposit enough souls to make it disappear. Keep on doing this 5 more times until you meat a warrior with armor. beat the warrior and he'll disappear, but the armor stays. go to the armor and now it's yours.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Colby Dame

    The Bishamon Ocarina uses

    To get the Bishamon Ocarina you go to the man in the well and press the action button(a). If he ignores you that is because you haven't got the evil plate. That is another story. But when you get it got to the room in the castle where you see the big door that is like a bright blue, and then you put it in. When this happens the door will open and you will see Hecuba (the bug lady). Well she is that lady you meet in the room with Kaede who acts like she is hurt. Well when you walk in the room the woman will drop Yumemaru, the little kid, and turn into the bug lady. Then the room will get really toren up and she will fly off. I think after that this door will come up and then this little star thing will fly up over the door. To get it off you have to have the great bow and the great arrow. Go to the man in the well and when he falls down out of the well this time he will ask you if you want to got to the Dark Realm. Say yes but be sure you have all of your weapons to the 3rd lvl and have the Matchlock Gun with burst bullets. Also you may want to have Two medicine's because you will be going through 20 lvl's of the Dark Realm. On about the 16th the room's will be turning purple. But when you get to the 20th LvL you will get the Bishamon Ocarina. Now the man in the well will only let you go up. Do it and go to the nearest save you can find because you might die. I prefer the one where the other creapy man falls out to ask if you wan't to go to the Dark Realm again. What I did was save at the magic mirror and get all of the power for my weapons then go into the Dark Realm in the same room you save and kill those little demons that are really easy to kill with the Fire Ord Sword. Only two hits. But when you get all of you energy back go to the same room and where you put the Evil Plate in it's spot. Before that you will try to fight that annoying little doll on the way. Don't. Just run on through her and to the door behind her. But go in that room and take out the Great Arrow and Great Bow. Samanosuke will shoot that little star off of the door and he will automatically go into the door. But inside is Marcellues. You have to kill him and then the Demon King will come out. I think I haven't got that far. But use the Bishamon Ocarina and you will get the Bishamon Ocarina.