Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy Cheats

The alchemic Elric brothers hit the DS with a dual-screened beat 'em up. Anime fans, you can finally exhale.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy Hints

  • DS | Submitted by BenjiiMS

    Missing Alchemy Books

    3rd Area, after you beat Bald.

    How to obtain the missing Alchemy books:

    If you've played through character mode with every character, and you still haven't found the last 2 alchemy books, this shows you where they are. I'm pretty sure you can do this with every character, but I could be mistaken. In character mode, after you beat Bald [the guy on the train].

    Right in the beginning there are 2 traps, giant blades that come down from the ceiling when you get close. If you pay attention, you'll notice the second one isn't working. Walk up to the second one and hold up, and a transmutation circle will appear. The trap door will open, and you can walk through the wall. You'll see a small dimly lit room, with 3 crammed bookshelves and books scattered across the room. On the table is a cow reading, and a lamp. If you look on the ground next to the table, there's a sparkle. When you pick up the sparkle and leave, you will recieve a message telling which Alchemy book you have received. You obtain either Kimblee's alchemy book or Dr. Marcoh's. Kimblee's book grants you the power of a human bomb to your melee attacks. Marcoh's book, [which is seriously the most useful of them all], gives you the ability to restore health. Strangely, when you use level 3 of Marcoh's alchemy, you recover the ability to use alchemy in just a few seconds. After using level 1 it takes a long time to recover. It's the opposite of everyone else's alchemy.

  • DS | Submitted by Ludacris973

    How to Defeat Greed

    Try not to get hit by his attacks and wait until he jumps into the air. when he does walk into the transmutation circle on the ground. make sure you don't get hit by Greed when he lands. When he does the transmutation circle will change color. If you are standing on it (which you should be) you will notice that wall blocker on the touch screen changes into something else. when it does tap it. Greed will change back to normal for a short period of time. During that time you are free to do any combo or cannon move. (I prefer to use the huge cannon on him)

  • DS | Submitted by Ludacris973

    How to Defeat Sloth

    Hit sloth with your cannon until she turns into water. Quickly go and transmute her into ice and attack her with any attack. Repeat until dead.

  • DS | Submitted by Mr. Magnante

    How to beat Greed easily

    During the first fight with Greed

    Wait until he stands still for at least 1 second. When he does, hit him about twice. He should fall over. Step back and wait until he gets up and cracks his neck. After that, quickly run over and hit him twice. Repeat last 2 steps until he is dead.

  • DS | Submitted by BenjiiMS

    How to beat Pride

    Last boss battle of Character Mode

    How to beat Pride: I discovered multiple ways and methods to beating Pride, but one of them was way quicker, and a lot easier than the rest. Ok, so if you have every Alchemy book, then you've got this covered. If you don't, make sure you have Kimblee's book, the gray one. When the battle starts, summon a wall and jump on top of it. In the American edition, Pride doesn't jump, so you'll be able to avoid most of his attacks from up here. When he jumps into the sky, get off the wall, and run in one direction. If need be, stop, then continue running, just don't change directions. When Pride lands, use Kimblee's alchemy to power up your melee attacks to have a devastating bomb-like effect. [You can do this at any time, it doesn't wear off and only takes effect when you actually hit him]. Directly after using your alchemy, go to punch Pride. You will automatically miss, but turn around as fast as you can, and punch again. If you make contact an explosion will occur and Pride will go flying. At least 1/3 of his health will be gone. Continue this proccess until he's defeated and the stage is cleared. If you need more alchemy material, an easy way I figured out is to make a wall when Pride is sending those projectile "sword sweeps" ,or whatever you want to call them, at you. Everytime one hits your wall, a blue alchemy sphere will appear, and you can pick it up to gain more material.

  • DS | Submitted by Mr. Magnante

    How to beat Mustang easily

    In story mode during the fight with Mustang

    Wait until he shoots 3 giant towers of fire ten run all the way to the left. Go to the bottom corner and wait for the towers to disappear. When they do, run towards Mustang and wait until he says, "this is child's play." When he does, transmute a cannon and it should hit him. After, he should transmute a couple towers of fire. Stay in between them. After that he should make the 3 towers of flames again. Repeat steps until he is dead.

  • DS | Submitted by Ludacris973

    How to Defeat Dante

    Dante is the last boss in story mode. She is really dam annoying to. You can defeat her the same way you defeated Cornello (the first boss in the first level) Keep blocking and dodging her alchemy attacks and keep slicing and dicing all the chimeras she creates until she runs out of health and dies. when she does you will see a cut scene and then see the credits. Congratulations!!! you just beat the game. Now you can play as more characters in character mode.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy Cheats

  • DS | Submitted by Ludacris973

    How to Defeat Wrath

    He will keep chasing you so try to juke him out and jump over him. if you get really close he will stretch out his arm to attack. try to get away from it and you can attack him with everything you got while he is stretching his arm out.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by Mr. Magnante

    Unlock Secret Characters

    Beat story mode to unlock character mode and play as Scar, Izumi (Ed and Al's teacher), Edward, Alphonse, Roy Mustang and Alex Louise Armstong