Feel the Rhythm with Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Rhythm Mode
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Looking to dance your way through December? How about wiggling all the way through the Winter? With Ring Fit Adventure’s Rhythm Mode, you have a brilliant tool that can help get you moving to the beat of some spectacular songs.

Rhythm Mode was introduced to Ring Fit Adventure in an update in 2020, and it instantly became a fan favourite to get players moving. To play the mode, you need your Ring-Con, and then match the prompts that come up on screen to the beat of the music. For instance, sometimes you’ll need to push into your Ring-Con, and other times you’ll need to twist to the rhythm of a song. The more prompts you hit, the higher the score you’ll get.

There’s some brilliant tunes to get blaring here as well, from the music you hear through Ring Fit Adventure to other classic Nintendo songs as well. There’s a Wii Fit medley that will delight old-school fans or the infectious Jump Up, Super Star from Super Mario Odyssey that is a treat for fans of the iconic plumber. 

The mode is perfect for parties, where you can get people up and dancing along to their favourite songs, or if you fancy mixing up your exercise regime for the day. With scoreboards to top as well, the competitive among you have plenty of reasons to start practicing shaking those hips.

Why don’t we help introduce you to this mode by setting you a challenge? We want to see your highest score across 3 different songs in Ring Fit Adventure’s Rhythm Mode. Once you’ve got a score you’re proud of, send it to us via Facebook, Twitter, or the comments section below to see which one of our readers has the hottest Saturday Night Fever!