Experience Incidentaloma: Ray Incident’s debut album

Ray Incident - Incidentaloma album art
(Image credit: Corpus Callosum)

The indie music industry has never seen such a soundscape of creativity quite like it. One thing’s for certain; Ray Incident is not for listeners of mainstream pop. His songs are an explosion of controversial musical structures which will challenge the entire demeanor in which fans listen to music. The only way such immersive work can be properly appreciated is in a dark room absent of distraction where the only true focus is the many different depths to this album. All songs on the album flow together perfectly; existing as finite pieces individually, but also working together as one full artistic mission. 

Incidentaloma provides its fans with an intensely personal cinematic experience, which has clearly been formed from a deeply personal place in Ray Incident. His breakthrough album could not give him a punchier inauguration into the music world. Already his concepts are unorthodox and challenging - like all good art - and look to bridge the gap between music and experimental art. 

Commercial music is readily accepted as a money-making mission, but Ray Incident’s intention is not economic success - it is to connect with the exact type of people who appreciate the depth in his work. This album is about passion and creative breakthroughs - not getting into the charts. That, for Ray Incident, is not what constitutes success. Instead, he focuses on his artistic instincts in the knowledge that specific people will be touched by its sheer honesty.

Incidentaloma album art

(Image credit: Corpus Callosum)

Incidentaloma is not just a collection of songs; it’s an experience. And every good piece of art leaves you with questions. Almost like walking into an immersive room of conceptual art in a gallery, the musical composition poses existential questions in the listener’s mind and causes you to reconsider numerous previously stable concepts. Incidentaloma opens up corners of the mind that are created not only for solitary listening, but also for the collective experience of having the personal realisations that the many aspects of Incidentaloma represent. 

How this music may be processed in varying ways by others is a question it leaves you pondering. But the most prevalent question has to be how a creation such as Incidentaloma came to be. The roots of the project will only ever truly be known by the ambiguous artist, Ray Incident himself.

It’s evident how much time Ray Incident has invested in creating each and every song in Incidentaloma. Each song has a very clear place in the journey of the album and each holds its own type of presence but of equal importance. Something so unorthodox as this will not connect with everyone, but we strongly believe that this is what makes it so special. Once Incidentaloma finds its audience, it can be savoured in the way it should be, with a true appreciation of the meaning of every moment. It truly challenges where the edges of the creative boundaries lie, making it a fascinating and crucial listen for art and music lovers.

Incidentaloma is only the debut success of so much more work to come from the contemporary label. This album is only a teaser of the intense creative exploration to take place over many more works to come from Ray Incident and Corpus Callosum. 

For more on Ray Incident and to listen to Incidentaloma, be sure to visit his website

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