Ex-Fable devs reveal new Tin Hearts trailer at Golden Joysticks

Rogue Sun has released a new trailer for the upcoming story-heavy puzzle game Tin Hearts. 

Our latest look at the Lemmings-like steampunk game comes from the Golden Joysticks, offering a glimpse at levels and cutscenes never before seen. While the sweetly crafted tin soldiers from before are still present, the new trailer hits at the story's more adult, darker themes by focusing on their inventor, a genius called Albert J. Butterworth. Turning to your creative talents for work sounds fulfilling, though the demand to perform at will proves demanding for Butterworth, especially while handling the stresses of his personal life.  

You can watch the trailer in full above. 

Tin Hearts comes from an experienced team that features the former Lionhead Studios developers who worked on Fable. The moment-to-moment gameplay has you guiding a troop of tin soldiers through a toy-filled home using a mixture of slapped-together contraptions to bounce, shoot, and glide them to where they need to go. That’s where the game's puzzle element comes from, with over 40 levels to riddle your way through. There are plenty of narrative rewards, too, as Butterworth’s story slowly unravels with each puzzle’s completion.

Tin Hearts is coming to PC, VR, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Playstation 4, and PlayStation 5. The developers haven’t shared a release date yet, though you can expect it to drop sometime next year. 

If you want to play it earlier than that, you can join the official Discord to sign up for the limited closed BETA. You can also wishlist Tin Hearts on Steam and follow the developers on Twitter to keep up to date with everything happening with the game.