Escape a maniac's mansion by blasting out tunes in fast-paced rhythm FPS Robobeat

Robobeat is a brutal rapid-fire rhythm first-person shooter, and if you're having trouble visualising exactly what that means then hopefully the footage appearing in the Kwalee montage at the Future Games Show Powered by Mana will help to explain it.

The concept for Robobeat is simple – you, the unnamed protagonist, have been captured and imprisoned inside an ever-changing mansion created by a crazed showman, and the only way to escape from it is to captivate the audience your performance is being streamed to. Wait, that's not straightforward at all...

Anyway, the route to achieving this success is by jumping, sliding, and dodging your way around the various rooms, while shooting enemies in time to the pounding beats soundtracking your run. Maintain the rhythm accurately and your multiplier will increase, boosting your score and ultimately working towards the finale that can set you free from this pulsing prison.

You'll need to mix things up to keep your runs going, so handily there's a wide range of moves you can throw in to maintain your progress, from wall-runs and bunny hops to grappling hooks and rocket jumps. You can also combo weapons and add-ons, such as attaching an aimbot to a revolver, creating new variants that will help you build up your chains of attacks.

The rogue-lite element comes into play thanks to the rooms being randomized with different layouts, items, and secrets to discover each time. Throw in plot twists and brain-bending optical illusions, and no two playthroughs will be alike.

Robobeat is due to blast its way onto PC in 2023, but if you want a sneak peek you can request access to The Last Beat Playtest via Steam.

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Iain Wilson
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