Eleven Superman clips online

The totalfilm.com basement is buzzing like a brand new sex toy today - we’ve found Superman Returns clips people - a whole lot of ‘em.

Now, we’re not going to go through the plot of the movie again. Those of you who are dribbling at the thought of a new Man Of Steel flick will have digested the staggeringly popular July issue of TF – for those who didn’t… Superman left, Superman Returns, geddit? Excellent.

Those lovely people over at IESB have slapped a cape-load of clips online and, put simply, they rocked our world.

If you can’t wait to see seeing Clark (Brandon Routh) standing in the street, eyes flicking left to right, desperately searching for a break in the crowd, then running as he rips his shirt open at the chest… then click on the link below.

For those who want to treasure the cinema experience, keep it pure, body-swerve the clips but be ready to cover your eyes because someone in your office will watch these today, they are just that cool.

Superman Returns lands on these shores on 14 July. Click here to watch the clips!

Source: ( IESB )

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