E3 Rumor: Bobby Kotick barred from Battlefield 3 demo

E3's million-dollar hardware, shareholder scrutiny and presentations heavy with boardroom-speak are all fine reminders that, yes, videogames are serious business. However, E3 is also %26ndash; if you believe an anecdote doing the rounds %26ndash; a place where grown men get into altercations over letting each other play their army-man games. And in this case, Bobby Kotick went home empty handed.

Above: "Sir, get back in line! I don't care if you're theCEO of the Moon!"

EA's Battlefield 3, demoed in an invite-only champagne-room, was off-limits to the general public during the show. In an environment where exclusivity is currency, the game had no shortage of would-be testers, and %26ndash; according to an informantspeaking anonymously to CVG%26ndash; Kotick's PA attempted to have her boss added to the list, only to be told this %26ldquo;would not be possible.%26rdquo;

Activision's PR guy, Dan Amrich, countersthat the story %26ldquo;is not true. Did not happen.%26rdquo; Who do you believe: an anonymous tipster, or Activision? Would you like this story to be true? Or does this sort of industry-insider chitchat just waste time you'd rather spend playing army-man games for yourself?

June 9, 2011