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Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Many Cheat Codes

    While playing, type any of these codes to get the desired effect.

    Code Effect
    dnkroz God mode
    dncornholio Same as above
    dnhyper Instant steroids!
    dnclip Walk through SOME walls
    dnstuff All keys, ammo, weapons, and items
    dnitems Full armor and all keys
    dnkeys All keys
    dnweapons All weapons and ammo
    dndebug Just shows info, not needed...
    dncoords Display coordinates
    dnshowmap Display entire map
    dnunlock Toggle all doors
    dnscotty### Warp to episode #, level ##
    dninventory All inventory
    dnmonsters Toggle monsters on/off
    dncashman Throw cash when spacebar ispressed
    dnending End episode
    dneat Full health
    dnnuk Full ammo
    dnskill # 0-nomonster 1-4 is skill level
    dnview Same as F7
    dnrate Displays frame rate
    dncosmo Displays "Register Cosmo today!"
    dnbeta Displays "Pirates Suck!"
    dntime Displays a message
    dntodd Displays a message