Doom 3: First Xbox screenshots!

The very first shots of Doom 3 on Xbox have surfaced and, not surprisingly, darn good they look too. While the Xbox game obviously can't match the graphically sublime high-end PC shots already released, it still looks remarkably sharp and is clearly an exceptional title in the eye-candy department.

Particularly pleasing is that developers Vicarious Visions have remained faithful to the original PC version of the game, with the environments and monsters offering fine representations of their PC counterparts.

In related news, Activision recently revealed that the Xbox version has an online co-op mode via Xbox Live. The even better news is that this isn't simply a few maps tagged on to the game for you and a mate to run around in. Nope, you and your best bud get to play the whole single-player game through together.

For more details of the Xbox version of Doom 3, point your BFG . Personally, we're gagging for it and suspect the vast majority of gamers are likewise salivating at the prospect of being scared silly while unloading a double-barrel shotgun in the face of some loathsome fiend.

There is still no officially confirmed release date for Doom 3 on Xbox or PC. We wouldn't expect it to arrive before autumn, at best