DoA 4: 92 panty shots in 92 seconds

After coveringcareening carsandhaymaker-throwing boxers in our previous video compilations, we thought we'd turn our gaze to the lovely female form and the exceedingly easy-on-the-eye Dead or Alive ladies.

So for this week's "World's..." movie montage we bring you a delightful 92 tasteful glimpses of panties in 92 seconds - yup, that's one flash every second maths fans - courtesy of Dead or Alive 4's female fighters.

To watch Kasumi, Hitomi, Lei Fang and the gang going at it in some seriously saucy girl fights, hit the Movies tab above, launch the video player, and find "Dead or Alive 4 - 92 panty shots in 92 seconds 02-13-07." Go treat your eyes to some loveliness.

Above: And one for the road...

February 14, 2007