Deer Hunter 2 Cheats

Deer Hunter 2 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Harry Knisley

    Cheat Codes

    To enter these codes, press F2 then type one of the following:
    dh2tracker -- shows the deer on the map and GPS
    dh2shoot -- brings you up close to a deer
    dh2deadeye -- arrowcam
    dh2honey -- makes you irresistable to deer
    dh2circle -- attaches you to a deer,great viewing
    dh2rain -- Makes it rain
    dh2snow -- Makes it snow
    dh2thunder -- Causes thunder
    dh2lightning -- Causes lightning
    dh2deerzilla-- Big Deer
    dh2supaflash--run Faster
    dh2wright --Fly
    dh2sightin --sight weapon without range
    dh2flash -- run faster
    dh2bulletcam -- Camera follows bullet
    dh2friday13 -- more blood
    dh2swig -- less weapon swing
    dh2baddream - slow bullets
    dh2magicbulle - bullet goes straight with camera
    dh2shoedeal -- Hunter never runs out of breath
    dh2weatherstop - stop rain or snow
    dh2showsights -- Show weapon sightin status
    dh2caddyshack -- Walk around in target range
    dh2target 1 -- Turn into one of the targets on range
    dh2bandolier -- Never reload

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar


    dh2supatracker- super track
    dh2doolittle-makes you a friend with the animals
    dh2blizzard - cycle weather quickly
    dh2sidewind - player walks toward deer
    set cam crow#
    set cam deer#
    set cam fox#
    # = what animal's eyes u want to look through
    i.e. set cam deer1