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Dead Space 2 gear added to Battlefield Heroes inventory

EA has released a trailer for the newest Battlefield Heroes DLC packs that will bring Dead Space 2's futuristic fashion sense to its free-to-play multiplayer war game. Tragically, no Necromorphs were dismembered in the filming of this video...

The new Dead Space Heroes packs include one new Dead Space 2 inspired outfit; the CEC Advanced Set for Nationals, and the Titan Security Set for Royals. Both packs also include a handy jet pack, and each are on sale now for 1750 BattleFunds.

Hold up %26ndash; over 10 bucks for a reasonably functional outfit?! No wonder EA has high hopes for the future of digital content.

Jan 11, 2011

Source: [Battlefield HeroesviaKotaku]

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