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    Dance Central: Spotlight Achievements

    Dance Central: Spotlight Achievement List

    Viva Variety (20 points):
    Unlocked an Alternate or Alternate Pro routine.

    Collector's Item (30 points):
    Collected at least one move.

    Collector (30 points):
    Collected at least 100 moves.

    Aficionado (40 points):
    Collected at least 900 moves.

    True Bromantic (10 points):
    Collected a "Bromance" move anywhere in the game.

    Crazy for This One (20 points):
    Collected the move "Crazy Hair" anywhere in the game.

    Devotee (80 points):
    Earned Gold stars with every character.

    Gold News (20 points):
    Earned Gold stars on a Deluxe or Pro difficulty routine.

    Total Pro (50 points):
    Unlocked all Pro routines.

    Talk Nerdy to Me (20 points):
    Earned 3 stars on the Strength routine for "Talk Dirty."

    Beginner's Luck (20 points):
    Played every Beginner routine.

    Deluxe Model (40 points):
    Unlocked all Deluxe routines.

    Lap of DeLuxury (15 points):
    Unlocked a Deluxe routine.

    Set a Standard (30 points):
    Unlocked all Standard routines.

    Semi-Professional (20 points):
    Unlocked a Pro routine.

    Breathless (25 points):
    Played 10 Cardio routines with Emilia.

    Ripped Tide (25 points):
    Played 10 Strength routines with Bodie.

    Be Mo Serious (20 points):
    Played a Serious routine with Mo.

    Perfectly Polished (20 points):
    Played a Polished routine with Taye.

    Goofball (20 points):
    Played a Goofy routine with Glitch.

    Classic Aubrey (20 points):
    Played a Classic routine with Aubrey.

    Now Introducing… (10 points):
    Completed the introduction to Dance Central Spotlight.

    Getting Committed (50 points):
    Played Dance Central Spotlight every day for one week.

    Friendz (20 points):
    Danced through a Freestyle section with another player.

    The Future Is Now (15 points):
    Player identified by biometrics.

    Character Assassin (20 points):
    Switched between dancer characters.

    Do It, Duet Now! (20 points):
    Played with a friend.

    Start a Movement (30 points):
    Collected every move in an individual song.

    Multiplication Tables (20 points):
    Earned a Multiplier of at least 32X on a Deluxe or Pro difficulty routine.

    The Complete Package (100 points):
    Completed all 80 routines in the game.

    Über Düper (50 points):
    Collected 600 moves and unlocked the Ãœbertroopers.

    Routine Maintenance (30 points):
    Played 100 routines.

    Besties (30 points):
    Used the same dancer character for 10 routines in a row.

    The Favorite (20 points):
    Played the same song 3 times in a row.

    Standardized Testing (10 points):
    Unlocked a Standard routine.