Cross Blitz is an enthralling card battler with a huge 30-hour campaign and colorful characters

Cross Blitz was featured as one to watch in the Future Games Summer Showcase Powered by Intel earlier today.

Tako Boy Studios' new card battler looks utterly enthralling, with well over 200 cards to collect in total. You'll then take these cards and your decks into battle against a variety of colorful and memorable characters scattered throughout the huge 30-hour campaign of Cross Blitz.

However, there's also a dedicated roguelike mode for added replayability. This 'Tusk Tales' mode randomizes Cross Blitz's overworld to mean no two playthroughs are the same, throwing up differing challenges for you to undertake and decisions for you to make along the way.

It's this expansive campaign and excellent roguelike mode that Cross Blitz showed off as part of its new trailer at today's Future Games Showcase, and the final package continues to look really impressive.

You're exploring Crossdawn Isle in Cross Blitz, scoping out a land full of secrets to uncover and characters to befriend. The upcoming card battler has an immediately eye-catching art style, putting on flashy pixelated graphics whilst you're duking it out with an opponent, and vibrant colors to boot in the overworld.

Right now, Cross Blitz is slated to launch into early access at some point later this year in 2023. As our Summer Showcases pointed to, this is certainly one game to keep an eye on over the coming months for further developments. Wishlist Cross Blitz on Steam so you can stay up to date with all the latest announcements and news.

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Hirun Cryer

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