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Crazy Taxi to hit PSP

Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars has been announced for PSP, bringing a welcome burst of blue-sky arcade gaming to the handheld.

This version of Sega's classic score-attack taxi game will feature both cities from the Dreamcast original plus the Small Apple city from Crazy Taxi 2. There will also be multiplayer options for the first time in the series, including co-op play and versus which will allow you to steal fares from your rivals by bumping into them. Should be fun.

The fiendish Crazy Box and Crazy Pyramid modes will both be present, which should fit handheld gaming perfectly. Indeed, the whole game could well have been made for short-burst handheld fun, although we're not sure how the trigger-happy controls will work on PSP. Time will tell.

Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars is heading for a summer release. Until then, get clicking on the Images tab above and take a look at how ace it's looking.

January 11, 2007

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