Clock Tower 3 Cheats

Clock Tower 3 Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to Beat Final Boss Easily

    message: When you fight lord Burroughs, charge up
    your arrows then fire. If you see a purple glow
    around the dude's hand, let go of the triangle
    button and duck, the shot goes right over you.
    if hit by projectile, you will be restrained to go a certain distance, it wears off for a while, if
    hit twice, Don't get hit another time or,,
    yup, instant game over , no matter how high your health is.
    if the dude says" there's no escape" RUN , otherwise
    you get stunned and the boss draws close, If he does ....Well
    you'll find out It took me an hour to kill this guy,
    after you drain the boss' health run and pick up that glowing thing in the corner.
    Get Theatre Option
    Beat the game one time
    Get New Outfits
    Beat the game one time and get a key. use the key on Alyssa's closet in a new game on the same savegame
    Get Clear Mode
    Finish the game one time to unlock Clear Mode. Your character's panic will go to full when surprised and the enemies have more powerful weapons.
    Get Moths off You
    Either use holy water or keep pressing X to get rid of moths
    Super Charge arrow
    Count to 10 seconds before firing to super charge
    End Panic Mode
    Use Lavender Water or if using Alyssa and she stops keep pressing X