Clive Barker spills his guts

In an exclusive interview with UK rag PC Zone, Clive Barker - creator of Hellraiser and Candyman - talks about his latest videogame project Jericho, a bloodthirsty squad-based shooter set in a nightmare city of the damned. "There's some intense and gory material in Jericho, but I've always believed that one of the tasks a maker of horror stories in any medium has, is to take his or her audience into areas of taboo."

Originally from Liverpool, Barker is now a happy resident of Los Angeles, although he misses a few things from good old Blighty. "I miss many of the friends I made in Liverpool, and later colleagues from making the first Hellraiser. I miss rain. I miss autumn - but not winter! I miss thunderstorms, which are incredibly rare in LA. But I'm sitting here, with clear blue skies and palm trees swaying - what's not to like?"

February 22, 2007