Capcom Fighting Evolution Cheats

Capcom Fighting Evolution Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by Evolutionary Fighter

    An Easy Way To Unlock Shin Akuma

    Arcade Mode

    In Arcade Mode choose Ryu and any other character and play through the levels as Ryu and without losing ( it's easier if you set the difficulty to 1 star and speed at full stars). If you have done all this and have beaten Pyron the screen should fade white and Shin Akuma should appear. Defeat him and you should unlock him and Infinity Chamber Remains.

Capcom Fighting Evolution Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chris

    Anakaris Coffin Trick

    During Anakaris' attack when he drops a big coffin on the opponent

    During the attack, hold buttons down until he finishes. Depending on what buttons you hold will depend on what the coffin will look like. Hold all buttons at the same time and he drops a tiny coffin on him!

  • Xbox | Submitted by wildboywes

    Some Pyron Moves

    In the following combos, / means 1/4 circle roll from first direction to second,2x means twice.

    down,down/right,right any punch button(usable in air)
    down,down/right,right(2x) any punch button
    down,down/right,right(2x) R (usable in air)
    down,down/left,left(2x) any button
    left,left/down,down,down/right,right L or R (hold for straighter attack)
    right,right/down,down,down/left,left any punch button
    down,down/left,left any kick button (only in air)

  • Xbox | Submitted by crimson

    Get shin-akuma

    Beat arcade mode with any characters and have 3 or more perfect wins and you will face him after Pyron. If you win he becomes useable.

  • Xbox | Submitted by jessica

    Power move

    Press Down, Left/Right ,Y/A to do a power move.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Fight Shin Akuma

    Finish the game one time with each character except Pyron. Now when Pyron is defeated with a team Shin Akuma will appear
    Unlock Shin Gouki
    In arcade mode beat Shin Gouki to unlock him
    Unlock Pyron & Pyron Stage
    In arcade mode beat Pyron to unlock him & his stage
    Classic Character SOUNDS option
    Finish the game one time to unlock this option