Bryan Singer settles on his next film

Besides getting a short rest in after the long slog of making and then promoting Superman Returns, Bryan Singer has been trying to figure out what he’ll make to follow up the superhero adventure.

Thanks to the freshly Tom Cruise-snagged United Artists, he’s actually been able to nab a greenlight for a new movie. But it’s not Logan’s Run and it’s certainly not Superman Returns Again: More Action, Less Creepy Super-Stalking.

Nope, he’s getting the old creative team from The Usual Suspects back together for an untitled, original thriller that boasts a script by Chris McQuarrie.

The pair will also produce the movie, and are keeping the details secret for now, except to say that the entire plot will hinge on the unreliable narrative of a nervous character played by Kev…. Nah, they really are saying nothing save that it’s an ensemble thriller in the same vein as Suspects.

So what does this mean for any Superman sequel? Well Warner Bros will just have to wait, unless they plan on stamping their foot and calling Brett Ratner again (please, no!). And even before he starts work on the new thriller, Singer has another job lined up – he’ll direct the pilot for US network ABC’s show Football Wives, the American version of, you guessed it, Footballer’s Wives. Oh joy, oh rapture…

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