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Breath of Fire IV Cheats

Breath of Fire IV FAQs

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    Submitted by Jae Church

Breath of Fire IV Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by Steve Lee

    Location of gems

    WATER GEM:Found by Fou-Lu in sanctum, at the beginning of chapter3

    FIRE GEM:Found by Ryu in Mt.giga, when you fist enter the shikk region in chapter3

    EARTH GEM:Found by Ryu in saldine flats, when youare crossing from Pabpab to the western continent

    FLAWED GEM:Found by Ryu in en jhou, in the very depths of the temple.Accessible after reaching chiqua.

    WIND GEM:Found by Ryu in burnt forest, to the west of the emperor's tomb.Once you can go there with Ryu, go into the "?"map where Fou-Lu was knocked off the bridge.Go up the side of the mountain to the area where the forest was burnt, and look for the Wind Gem in a side path on the far end of the screen.