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Blinx the Time Sweeper Cheats

Blinx the Time Sweeper Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Joey Wills

    Double Item's

    Get as many item's as you want and use Record and then shoot all the item's you wan't to and when your Record is done you can pick up all the item's you shot in Record with out shooting any of the item's off Record.

  • Xbox | Submitted by l33t3r_h4L0

    2 Boss Strategy

    World 1 Boss: Pauses are helpful here. get 5 barrels and shoot at him. Repeat till dead.
    World 2 Boss: Pause then shoot him in the tail. Repeat till Dead

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jay

    Trick to get a secret cat medal

    LEVEL1.STAGE1. If you want to get the secret cat medal behind the 16ton weight and you don't have the sweeper to sweep it go past the goal gate until you get to the higher level of ground then put a trash can at the left corner jump on top of it then jump onto the higher ground and get the secret cat medal.

  • Xbox | Submitted by TreetopsChris

    A faster way to beat Forgotten City Stage 1 and where the Secret Cat Medals are.

    If you've beaten Forgotten City Level 1 and only just made it in by 40 or so seconds, you may find it a lot easier if you buy Super Bombs from Forgotten City's Shop. Secret Cat Medals.1.As you've rewound across the bridge and defeated the 1st Red Keropper fall down into the gap. You should find an entrance with two ways to go.One way leads you to a blue Cat Medal but in the treasure chest there are 3 bombs.2. After you've sucked in the balloon and landed on the bridge, turn right and fall down. You should see a big piece of trash that can be swept up by a level 2 sweeper. Go up the stairs to find a golden Cat Medal.3. This one's simple. Jump on the trampoline and back onto the bridge and go into the green water. In one end is a red Cat Medal.4. After you've killed all the monsters and are going up the tower you should see a branch with a silver Cat Medal at the end. Double jump onto the medal then rotate the camera so you can see the tower and go back up to find the!
    goal gate. Good Luck on the next level though as I'm finding it extremely hard.

  • Xbox | Submitted by DBZYugi

    Cat Medal locations

    Red: When you see the guy on the clock ball when you are on the roof turn or look LEFT. It should be on a ledge jutting out from the side.
    Gold: Make sure you have a FF for this one. Once you can suck up 16 ton weights go past the goal gate and fall into the ditch. suck up the weight, and FF on the big machine that has the top of it going up and down.
    Blue: Suck up the other 16 ton weight and it should be there.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Geno Kim

    A Laughing Benito Brother

    In Stage two, Times Square, go to the part where there's a room filled with gold. Pause time and get all the gold and time crystals in the area, except the three hearts on a broken platform. Watch him sweep the crystals on the broken platform. If you did this correctly, the medal shouldn't be there, but the Benito Brother will be standing on his air bike and cheering and slowly floats down until he hits the ground and disappears in a time stream.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Geno Kim

    Treasure Box Hint

    message: Have 6 pieces of trash and 5 rewinds and go to the first stage in Hour Glass Caves and go where there is a treasure box, bust it open with trash and get the gold. Use rewind and the treasure box closes. Shoot it again and get the money again. Repeat the process again. If you run out, don't go looking for more! It will not do anything! Also be careful of the ten minute limit.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Geno Kim

    Ultimate Sweeper

    The TS-X7 is the ultimate sweeper in the game. It has all the sweepers combined. To get it, you must have all the Secret Cat Medals in the game. Then the sweeper appears in the stores. The cost is 90,000g.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Vampyr


    When you beat a boss you get a lot of money, so before going after it and all the money disappears. Slam on pause and then go around getting it, its worth it.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Tory Michael Courter


    If U think it's hard getting past the conoies in stage 3 here's how double press the jump button then press forward at the same time. Repeat this and it gets easier.