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Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled Hints

  • DS | Submitted by Seven

    Unlimited Money and Stat Potions

    Once you have Catalogues 2 and 3 you can buy and sell from them by traveling to an unmarked island on the south east corner of the world map. Talk to the owner and buy a few Eternias from Catalogue 2 for 30,000 and then back out of the trade screen. Talk to the owner a second time and sell the Eternias to him through Catalogue 3 for 750,000 (profit of 720,000). You can do this to max your money at 9999999 in seconds and then buy infinite stat potions from Catalogue 3.

Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by Pink Martini

    Sigil Equipment

    Sigil Armlet - Go to the Desert of Black Sand located east of Polamaze. Make your way to the dungeon located in the south-east and defeat the boss to obtain the Armlet

    Sigil Armor - go to the Arena (where Xanadu previously was) and enter the Team Battle; make it up to the 9th battle, then opt out.

    Sigil Blade - Visit Tradefair the quest for this piece. The Blade can then be obtained by defeating the boss of Draken Mansion.

    Sigil Helm - buy in a shop right next to the clothes shop in Tradefair; it costs 100,000 GP and is the only item for sale.

    Sigil Necklace - beat the boss on the bridge leading to Tradefair

  • DS | Submitted by Raining Metal

    Unlock Vai

    Collect the five armaments after the world is fused, then return to Isapolis.