Battalion Wars Cheats

Battalion Wars Hints

  • GameCube | Submitted by hi+hi

    Operation POW

    When Brigadeer Betty tells you "Left or Right, Commander, You decide" if you go left, that's the short way, but there are two light tanks waiting for you. If you go right, that's the long way, and there's a lot of men.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Mike Malcolmson

    100% In Technique

    To get 100% technique every mission you should divide your troops into two squads: one for taking down RIFLE, BAZOOKA, FLAME, ROCKET, ASSAULT and MORTAR units (Use RECONS, RIFLE GRUNTS/VETS, ASSAULT GRUNTS/VETS, and FLAME GRUNTS/VETS) and one for taking down TANKS, T-COPTERS, RECONS, A-A VEHICLES, ARTILLERY, BATTLESTATIONS, BOMBERS, GUNSHIPS, and STATODESTROYERS (this will contain all VEHICLES excluding RECONS and T-COPTERS, it will also contain ROCKET, MORTAR and BAZOOKA units.)

  • GameCube | Submitted by michael caronan

    Bonus Missions

    Bonus Mission 1 - Get an overall of 85% on the first Campaign
    Bonus Mission 2 - Get an overall of 85% on the second Campaign
    Bonus Mission 3 - Get an overall of 85% on the third Campaign
    Bonus Mission 4 - Get an overall of 90% on the fourth Campaign

    Bonus mission names:
    C1: Frontier Counter attack
    C2: Retreat to Dusty Springs
    C3: Defend Tiki Bay
    C4: Iron Legion Reborn

  • GameCube | Submitted by Nick

    Dune Sea

    On the Dune Sea level position your artillery on the hills on the far left and right sides of the beach, they last the whole mission without being damaged hardly at all.