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The Walking Dead Season 2 could carry over saves

The first season of Telltale Game's The Walking Dead is done for (much like half its cast, you monster) but players may not be able to escape their pasts so easily. Telltale CEO and co-founder Dan Connors told Red Bull UK the studio is looking into carrying over choices from one season to the next.

“Right now we are just starting to form the concept for season two,” Connors said. “This all remains to be seen but we are definitely figuring out how to carry the saves over.”

The original series put player choice in the spotlight with unrelenting judgment calls, many of which forced gut decisions on a panic-inducing timer. A plethora of decisions led to a complex array of relationships with survivors and not-so-survivors, which could be an interesting challenge to integrate with a new story.

Connors said comic series creator Robert Kirkman allowed a great deal of autonomy in the process of forming the first season's narrative. Telltale would like to pursue further licenses, perhaps even in other game worlds.

“Coming from LucasArts [former home of many Telltale employees] we always felt we could do a great Star Wars story game,” Connors said. “We also love the idea of building out a deeper story to a great game franchise, something like Half Life Stories or Halo Stories.”

Connor Sheridan
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