Virtua Tennis 3 in-game shots

Thursday 22 June 2006
The court-side world of next-gen sports smasher Virtua Tennis 3 is insanely detailed - just take a look at the jam-packed surroundings in this new in-game image, or hit the images tab for a handful of other fresh racquet-swinging screens. Virtua Tennis evolves Sega's brilliant tennis action for PS3 and Xbox 360, and we can hardly wait for its release next spring.

Just feel the detail here. Working timers and serve-speed meters in the background, ranks of TV cameras, photographers, line judges and ballpersons fill the screen with life. We only hope that - like SNES classic Smash Tennis - we'll be able to ping balls in the onlooker's faces and knock them over. We love stuff like that.

Above: There's so much going on around the court, will we be able to concentrate? Of course we will