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Sly News 1: Rocky Balboa poster

We’ve made no bones about the fact that the basement is a pro-Rocky Balboa zone and with time slowly ticking down until the ageing pugilist straps his hands one last time, we were leaping about like sugar-addled toddlers when we got a glimpse of this new teaser poster.

Fist raised aloft, (after a particularly strenuous training session montage, no doubt) scribbler and star Sylvester Stallone looks out over a snowy Benjamin Franklin Parkway in his character’s native Philadelphia. Is it just us, or does the poster evoke memories of the original, critically acclaimed flick?

The movie follows the ex-people’s champ as he takes on the new heavyweight champion, Mason ‘The Line’ Dixon (Antonio Tarver) in a one-off bout. But can the Italian Stallion really regain the title? Possibly. Will he have to let out Apollo’s shorts just a tad? You betcha but dammit, we don’t care.

Rocky Balboa weighs in at UK cinemas on 9 February 2007.