Primal Cheats

Primal Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by croft28

    Get Trailer Video

    Finish Realm of Volca to unlock it
    Get Actor's Featurette
    Finish Realm of Solum to unlock it
    Get Making of Movie
    Finish Realm of Aquis to unlock it
    Code menu (PAL version)
    Use one of the following codes for the PAL version of the game.
    Invulnerability: DEMONISE
    Solum scenes: SNOWFLIGHT
    Aquis scenes: CHARYBDIS
    Aetha scenes: FLINTLOCK
    Volca scenes: SUNSTONE
    Tarot Gallery: ARCANUM
    Easy Kill: MORTIFIC
    Bonus A: SEABREEZE
    Bonus B: AURORA
    Bonus C: PSYCHOSIS
    Bonus D: MIRRORY
    Bonus F: ASCENDENT

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Concept Art

    Get all the Tarot Cards in the game to unlock the bonus art. The art can be viewed after the 1st part of the game is finished.
    Get Code Menu
    Go to the main menu or bonus materials menu and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 for 5 seconds to get the code screen. Now enter a code below:
    MONSTROUS - Invincibility
    PRIMAL - Bonus B
    OBLIVION - Bonus F
    CHEATHS - Unlocks Jen
    BONUS.E - Unlocks bonus materials
    Get 16Volt Interview
    Finish Realm of Aetha to unlock it

  • PS2 | Submitted by kadie morrissey

    Opening Gates in the Aquis Level

    In the aquis level you have to power up all these filters. so you should be in a place with dark, dirty water. you'll have to fight some evil undines so get them out of the way. you'll then see these tentacle plants, when you swim by they will try to get you but stay near the ground and they wont be able to reach you. when your past them you'll see a gate but the power isn't on so the door will not open. if you look up you should see an entrance into a room, that room is the engineering room. when your in the engineering room there'll be a map in front of you. on top of the map there is a button. this button is the button that opens a huge door that you would of seen when you first swam into the bay. go into that room (there are no guards in there) and this is the power plant that you need to operate the doors etc.

  • PS2 | Submitted by kadie morrissey

    Helping the Ghost in the Aetha Level

    When your in the aetha level you will eventually come into a graveyard. in this part of the level, there will be a short movie when a ghost writes something in the ground which screen will translate etc. you have to help the ghost by finding his body which you will see hanging in a little cage on top of a building. you have to get up to the cage so change into the Ferrari form, go behind the building and there will be a ledge that only a Ferrari can jump up to. so up you go, walk around a bit until you come to the cage and you should be able to do the rest yourself!