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Ole! Woody heads to Spain

Last year saw sprightly septuagenarian Woody Allen relocate his filmmaking magic to London for Match Point, after years of spinning New York stories. This year, the Oscar-winning helmer is traipsing even further away from his beloved Manhattan to shoot his next film in Spain.

Allen has been lured to Barcelona to write and direct a new film by Spanish producers Mediapro. The Match Point helmer also plans to cast the film with Spanish and European actors. “I'm happy to be able to work with Mediapro and make a film in Spain,” Allen said. “I hope that I'll be able to enjoy my stay in Spain, a country that has become very special to me. I love spending time in Barcelona, an extremely sophisticated and beautiful city.”

“Mediapro have given me no parameters and don’t want to have any input,” adds Allen, who’s famous for insisting on total independence. “I have to come up with a story for Barcelona. I know a little about the city because I have been there a number of times but that’s the challenge and the stimulation. I’ll utilise Barcelona the way I utilised New York or London.”

No casting details are available but Scarlett Johansson – star of Match Point and Allen’s upcoming film Scoop – has apparently been seen buying sun cream and espadrilles.