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Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee Cheats

Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee FAQs

  • FAQ

    Submitted by Manon Chevrier

Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by Greg Gilman

    Keep Vendo power-up`s

    First you get a vendo power-up then quikly go to where you drop the Mudokon egg`s and jump in. After you die you will come back with that power-up. (does not work with invisibility)

  • Xbox | Submitted by smithy2000

    Hints on How to Get Perfect Quarma

    Try not let your fuzzles or scrubs fight. on the first few levels you only get munch and if you die you come back to life not far away. so it isn't that hard but later on leave abe by one of the egg nests in that level and get munch to have an espresso and zap power ups. then just keep on zapping them until there all dead. if you die just try again. because abe is still alive you don't have to go back to the last place you saved it.

  • Xbox | Submitted by ohnja 234

    Hurt a Glukkon

    Ok the first level u can do this in is meep herder ranch what u do is complete the level except for taking the glukkon's money then put munch on the first stand on switch nearest the last door you can open then switch to abe and have him pick up a meep and carry it through the door munch opened and throw it over the wall barrier since he's lighter than munch {this may require multiple try's} then when you get the meep over jump over the barrier and put the meep on the stand on switch abe would normally stand on then pozes the glukkon and move him as close to the doorway as u can then unpozes him and put abe on that little elevated thing next to the glukkon and start punching!!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Big Bro Slig

    Mine Tricks

    Here are some handy tricks with mines:
    1. When running from a slig, jump over any mines. They will run into mines and blow up but remember this must happen twice before they will die.
    2. Spooceballs can go through mines. This is very helpful.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Loadiing Doak; Destroy the Vyykers

    When you are munch, fall through the big, deep gap that you will meet when you go up the unblocked ladder. Don't worry if you can't get back up. It's O.K. go through one of the side tunnels and swim until you reach the two platforms. Jump onto the lower one and drink the aquabounce. Fall back into the water and jump onto the higher platform. Drink the zap and aquabounce and then jump into the well. On the railing, zap the vykers off the railing. Every so often, drink health-up, zap, and aquabounce. In the little room, lure the vykers out oh it and zap the vykers of the railing. Now you are ready to move on

  • Xbox | Submitted by Nathan

    Abe Tips

    1)Always possess lonely enemys or Big Bro Sligs with Abe, it will make your life alot easier!

    2)If you run low on sprooce just chill out! Use Abe to grow back sprooce with the "L" button.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Danny Figueroa (Game Master)

    Get to end level teleporter quickly

    This is the hard truth..... Munch is slow and Abe can't swim. But boy will this make life easier. On Flubco Executive Office, steal the Glockstar's moolah then take Munch and drink the nearby aquabounce powerup jump in the water (Munch is fast in water) and swim back to the beginning of the level and jump onto the land and wait next to the nest that is next to the teleporter and make Abe drown he will then appear in the nest then free him... and walk onto the teleporter and you will then leave the level and read the newspaper that pops up. This may have been alot of trouble but it beats walking to the beginning.

  • Xbox | Submitted by John Baldwin

    Game Tips

    1)Try to keep Munch in an area where not many enemies are, and try to use Abe a lot. Use Munch as a last resort and try to keep Munch next to a resurrection pad (the one with the blue egg when one of them are dead).
    2)To save a lot of running around, carry Munch with Abe. If you find an enemy while you're carrying a mudokon, then put him down and tell him to "Go beat 'em up" and help him.
    3)If you're rescuing scrubs, then first take out all the enemies and then go to the scrubs and rescue them. If you encounter any enemies with scrubs following you, then tell the scrubs to get the enemy because they won't attack unless you tell them to.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Lavadude

    Save 60 Spooce in Mudokan Pens

    Usually in Mudokan pens you have to swim across with Munch and pay 60 spooce so that Abe can jump in the cannon and get across the water. Well, if you just tell Abe to wait, swim across with Munch, switch characters and make Abe drown, you can go with Munch to the egg and Abe will come out on the other side.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Matthew Montilla

    Destroy bombs in spuce shrub forest

    All you have to do is get a mukudon and throw it on the bomb and you can pass threw it easily!

    NOTE:You won't lose your mukudon!

  • Xbox | Submitted by giggyfish

    Unlimited Health

    One any level with health in u can get full health first keep munch or abe by a health vendo u can use the other to refill both your health's say u used abe and he got shot a couple times find a safe spot then switch to munch get the ca right before the birds pop up switch back to abe if u did it right the birds will appear overabes head and he will have full health hint this works for both of them

  • Xbox | Submitted by Airick K.

    No Hurt Drink

    Lets say Munch is in battle, he is getting killed by the interns. All Abe has to do is drink a health up. What? Abe drinking a health up wont help Munch. Or will it? Push the button, and when Abe is about to drink it, hurry and switch to Munch. This will automatically help Munch regain his life. Just be sure to have quick fingers.

Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by Jared Robertson

    Go straight to level 3

    Type in "sFG2726V" to go straight to level 3

  • GBA | Submitted by Jared Robertson

    Go straight to level 5

    Type in tjrGSw20 to go straight to level 5

  • GBA | Submitted by Jared Robertson

    Go straight to level 4

    Type in tszx8JNp to go straight to level 4

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Go straight to level 2

    Type in "BHGKMx1M" to go straight to level 2

  • GBA | Submitted by Jared Robertson

    Free fuzzles

    Go up to a fuzzle traped in a machine & click the A button & the fuzzle will be free.(this only works for munch)