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New Rocky trailer online!

The music, the sweat, the frosty breath as swollen hands desperately club a swinging joint of frozen meat. Ok, so you’ve seen it all before but there’s still a special buzz surrounding Rocky Balboa, Sylvester Stallone’s sixth movie about the Philly pugilist.

Now in his 60s, what could possibly tempt the OAP punch bag out of retirement? The answer lies here, in this, the first full-length trailer.

A sports channel broadcasts a computer simulation that pits fighters from different eras against each other. One such bout shows a fighting fit Balboa whipping the brown stuff out of current heavyweight champ Mason ‘The Line’ Dixon (light heavyweight champion Antonio Tarver).

A little unsettled by the hype, Dixon decides to tempt Rocky back into the ring and the ex-champ doesn’t take much persuading. But time hasn’t been kind to Balboa and he knows he’s no match for Mason’s speed and ring craft…

Cue a training montage with old looking dumbbells and big chains – plus that running up the steps bit that always makes Total Film want to stick the iPOD in and pound the streets. Best wait for the rain to pass though, don’t want to get a sniffle…

Rocky Balboa will arrive in the UK early next year.

Click here for the trailer

Source: ( Yahoo Movies )