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Michael Jackson in God of War 3?

When I looked back up, I saw this:

Immediately, I shouted "that's Michael Jackson!". There are two iconic images of the late singer that have been combined here, whether through luck, design or just by my over-active imagination. Sure, it's meant to be the Colossus of Rhodes from the start of God of War 2, but it's also incredibly reminiscent of the late King of Pop:

Looking at the famous picture from Jacko's last rehearsal for his This Is It tour before his death, the pose is identical. Feet apart, shoulders back, arm up in a display of confidence and power. On its own, that would be close enough, but combine it with the next image:

The dramatic sky providing a backdrop for the lone figure... all you need to do is put the two together.

Tell me I'm wrong.

16 Mar, 2010

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