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Jude Law and Aaron Johnson up for Anna Karenina

Joe Wright is best-known for making engaging, lively period pieces, so we were pleased to hear that he would be adapting Leo Tolstoy's epic novel (with his regular muse Keira Knightley slated to star).

Anna Karenina 's now sounding like an even more intriguing prospect, as Variety (via FirstShowing) are reporting that Jude Law and Aaron Johnson are in talks to join the project.

There's no mention of roles yet, but it'd be a fairly safe bet to guess that Law would be in line to play Vronsky, the charming Count who falls for married woman Anna.

He's got pretty much the perfect blend of ludicrous handsomeness, charm and vulnerability that would make him ideal in the role. Either that, or he could play Anna's smarmy brother Stiva.

Kick-Ass star Johnson seems most closely suited to the role of Levin, a insecure, reserved landowner (believed by many to be a Tolstoy stand-in).

It's arguably a supporting role, but no less pivotal for that, as he's a key link between many characters, and has his own satisfying arc.

Joe Wright's latest, Hanna , is set for release in April. Expect him to be badgered for official Anna Karenina announcements while he's doing publicity for that one.