Gameboy Camera Cheats

Gameboy Camera Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by bew77

    Hidden Menus

    To get two "hidden menus" press either select or start a the screen where you can choose to play, shoot, or view. Pressing start will get you to the registering and record screen, and pressing selcet will get you to the "special screen"

  • GBA | Submitted by BuMariam


    In the space caft game bring a score about 2200 and a new game called (RUN)will show when hit the middle thing in the begining of the game!!!

  • GBA | Submitted by Anonymous

    Print pics from album B

    Go to Split mode and split all four of one picture in album B select create, it will now be in album A.

  • GBA | Submitted by Jonathan

    Secret Picture

    When turning on gameboy camera press and hold feed. There will be a small picture and message.

  • GBA | Submitted by Daken

    Get new Pictures

    Picture B18:Oldfashioned pic of Mario
    Get first on Run!Run!Run(under 20 seconds?)and raisethe flag(press A VERY rapidly at the awards acreen to raise the flag).

    Picture B19:Picture of Luigi and Princess
    Peach. You need to SEND 20 pictures to another Gameboy.

    Picture B20:Picture of a Lion Head
    To get this picture you need to RECEIVE 20 pictures from another Gameboy.

    Picture B22:A boy and a flying saucer toy
    To get this picture you need to PRINT 30 pictures.

    Picture B23:A man and a bearplaying music
    Beat Space Fever II three times to get this picture.

    Picture B24:Little Wario
    Beat Space Fever II a therd time to get this picture.

    Picture B25:Japanese GB Camera art
    Beat Space Fever five times(or get 10,000 points?).

    Picture B26:R.O.B,the Robotic Operating Buddy
    Get 500 points on ball

    Picture B27:Pic of Toad
    Get 1000 points on ball.