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Walking Dead Pics

Plus a video interview clip with the guy writing and directing the series, Frank ( The Shawshank Redemption ) Darabont

Production started today on the six-part TV series The Walking Dead , based on the infamous, long-running comic by Robert Kirkman. Set after a zombie apoclaypse, it follows a group of still human survivors, led by cop Rick Grimes, searching for somewhere safe they can call home (if they've read The Day Of The Triffids they'll head for the Isle Of Wight). AMC, the US TV network producing the show, has released a bunch of pictures and a video interview with the series' writer/director Frank ( The Shawshank Redemption ) Darabont to get us all excited. And in a rare case of a network knowing what's going to get people excited, instead of releasing a dull batch of head shots of the nominal stars, they've actually released shots of the real stars of the show – the zombies.