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E3 2010: Up close with the new 360

The new 360 is more than a reality, it’s being shipped to stores as we speak. But let’s take a closer look at what’s beneath the new black glisten and see what’s really important

Above: Obviously, the smaller design is far more angular than the previous curvaceous models. Plus, we also hear it uses the current standard of Jasper chipsets, so overheating is (that much closer to) athing of the past.Our first-hand accounts can honestly confirm the thing is much, much quieter

Above: Not wanting to bite too much of Sony’s slim style from E3 last year, Microsoft has done the complete opposite with the console’s face buttons, opting for touch sensitive buttons similar to the ones the PS3 Phat abandoned

Above: The bundled controller may not look to different, but not only does the back grip and top of the controller have the same sleek finish as the console itself, that home button in the middle is chrome, baby!

Above: Note the THREE USB connections in the back, as well as a dedicated Kinect port (preexisting 360s will require a dongle.) You'll also find an enhanced audio port, a much smaller power supply, and an ethernet port in addition to the 802.11n Wi-Fi bundled in the guts.

As for what will not be included in theMicrosoft's newest250GB console...

Above: So what was all that fuss about?

Jun 14, 2010