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Download the Portal 2 soundtrack for free

If you want Portal's existence within the culture summarized in a nutshell, you could do worse than to listen to the quietly elegant, subtly witty music, epitomized by the original's celebrated theme, Still Alive. Of course, would subsequently be thrashed to death in every lazy YouTube clip that nobody could shoehorn a conjectural pastry treat into. Well, now meme-nerds can have a whole soundtrack's worth of music from Portal 2, available gratis from the game's own website. That should take a little longer to ruin.

The album, entitled Songs to Test By, can bedownloaded right here, along with ringtone-friendly ditties such as Science is Fun and Comedy Equals Tragedy Plus Time. The full album, of course, bears the subtitle “Volume 1,” implying that more tracks may be on the way – which, if they carry a price-tag, would certainly bear out maverick academic and GamesRadar palJoe McNeilly's thesisabout the role of capitalism within the sequel. Please don't ask how.

May 26, 2011

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