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Diablo III Whimsyshire - A gore-filled kill montage to keep you up at night

Last week we posted a guide detailing exactly how to get to Whimsyshire, the secret level in Diablo III. Since then we updated the article with details on how to unlock the level in Nightmare and Hell, giving you all the tools you need to slaughter violent teddy bears, flowers, and ponies. But while we were doing "research" on the topic (by running the level over and over again, obviously), we started to... well, sort of lose our minds. You can only kill adorable things so much before it has a toll on your soul, right?

Well, after having our soul torn ascunder, we decided to put together another video showing off exactly what Whimsyshire has to offer. And we had a little fun with it. Check it out, and check out our Diablo III review to get our final verdict on the long-awaited game.