Dark Sector's sixth level unveiled

We'll showcase all three levels over the next couple of Mondays leading up to the game's March 25 release, beginning today with the game's sixth mission.Fresh offa daring escape from a freighter off the shore of the fictional post-Soviet republic of Lasria, protagonist Hayden Tenno swims to shore only to be confronted by a new threat: Stingers, metal-skinned monsters created by the Technocyte virus. Unlike the zombies he's faced so far, these beasts are fast, agile and able to leap great distances and throw shotgun-blast-like handfuls offireballs.

Luckily, Hayden's able to deflect their shots with a temporary bubble shield, which unfortunately isn't much use against the storms of zombie-like Howlers that follow in the Stingers' wake. The whole thing culminates with the first appearance of an Elite Trooper, a chaingun-toting Lasrian soldier in seemingly impenetrable robot armor. Check it out:

Mar 10, 2008