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CoD: Black Ops already seventh best selling game ever

It set the record for the most money ever raked in for an entertainment launch in US history. It set a new first week videogame sales record. And nowCoD: Black Ops isalready climbing up the chart of the highest-selling games of all time.

Black Ops has already reached the #7 spot on the list of best-selling games in the US witha reported (NPD) 8.4 million units in November, which places it in the company of Mario Kart, GTA: San Andreas, and Guitar Hero III.

Among the different consoles, Black Ops reached 4.9 million sales on the Xbox 360, 3.1 million for the PS3, with the Wii/PC contributing another 400,000. The last entry, Modern Warfare 2, only sold about six million copies in its debut month.


Dec 13, 2010