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Alfonso Cuarons Gravity blasts off


Robert Downey Jr. has been confirmed as the star of 3D space flick Gravity , which director Alfonso Cuaron will definitely be directing.

After going through more dress-ups and dress-downs than a Eurovision contestant, Gravity saw Angelina Jolie sign on as the lead and then drop out, while first Universal had the project but then Warner Bros nabbed it instead.

Now the dust seems to have settled, and original helmer Cuaron is still on board, this time with Robert Downey Jr. starring – though the lead remains an uncast female.

Deadline report that the flick will shoot this year, with Downey Jr. shooting some scenes before taking a break to film Sherlock Holmes 2 and then return to Gravity . Luckily for him, both movies are being shot in London.

The flick will also be 60% CG animation, and will begin with a single 20 minute shot – clearly Cuaron has lost none of that ambition he showed with Children Of Men .

Expect Gravity to land in cinemas in 2012.

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