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6 television shows that’ll premiere on Xbox Live

Last week there were strange rumors thatCoCo “Conan” O’Brien was in talks to bring his show to Xbox Live.Todaythe prospect of an Xbox TV Channeljust got a whole lot closerto a reality.Microsoft and a former News Corp. head are reportedly discussing a TV channelthat would air exclusively to Xbox LIVE subscribers. Could be exciting! Yet, as much as we’d like to see Street Fighter IV tourneys and Modern Warfare matches broadcast with mainstream gusto, we’ve had a startling vision as to what shows will actually premiere on theXbox network... then 30 minutes later on YouTube.

Above: "Up next 'Madea Goes to Jail!'"

Above: "How do you like your Locust?And don't say 'dead' - it's not funny anymore!"

Above: All accusedare innocent until proven guilty in the court of Crackdown

Above: Starring The Original Cousins of Chaos!
[Original art by deviantartist patrickbrown]

Above: The future ofcall-in shows!

Above: Face it, have a problem

Oh, who are we kidding? It'll probably just be Family Guy...

Apr 21, 2010