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Around the Internet - Pokemon, Magic 2014, and more

Every week we gather up articles from our friends at other gaming sites and bring their articles, features, and videos all in one place. This week, read up on the upcoming Magic 2013 game, take a trip back in time in a highlight of the old school Pokemon games, and take a look at an LucasArts adventure-styled title. Check out these articles and more in the links below.

The transition back to the physical card game from Magic 2014 the videogame

An interview with the creators of the Game Stick

The Koalition

Batman: Arkham Origins Hands-On Preview - A Demented Delight

Retro Recap: Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow

The Co-Op Podcast 55: Are Season Passes For DLC Worth It?

God is a Geek

Memoria preview – In memoriam of LucasArts

Puppeteer preview - Master of puppets

Splinter Cell: Blacklist preview - Mark and Execute