Aerosmith to front Guitar Hero IV?

Sept 5, 2007

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock isn't even out yet and already talk of a fourth installment has hit the internet.

The talk's not from official channels mind, but from an article on legendary rock band Aerosmith

Above: GHIII's guitarists are obviously not drawing on any real-world guitarists, but inGHIV you could be rocking out as Joe Perry

In the article, focusing on the band's imminent start on a new album, includes this nugget at the bottom:

Besides the album, Aerosmith is also working closely with the makers of "Guitar Hero IV," which will be dedicated to the Boston group's music. "I don't know much about the technical part of it," Perry [Joe Perry, Aerosmith guitarist] says, "but artistically we're working hand in hand."

We phoned Guitar Hero III publisher Activision about this. "No comment," it said. Sounded like it was the first they'd heard of it. It's a case of wait and see then but we can't see a whole new game dedicated to the aging rockers.